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Welcome to Pension Alver,

How much time do you need to fit all of these things into your holiday in Cudillero? To enjoy your visit to Cudillero to the max, come prepared to do as many of these activities as possible.


Eat freshly caught fish and seafood brought in from Cudillero Harbour in restaurants in and around the old town. Watch fishermen bring in there catch from the harbour edge. Have a dabble at fishing yourself off the harbour wall or any of the nearby beaches. Visit the beaches for a day of sunbathing and take a dip in the sea or even go for a surf. Walk along "La Ruta de los Miradores" which takes you through a labyrinth of tiny passageways between the old fisherman's houses. Ramble the "Senda Norte" along the cliff tops. Go for a culture trip to "El Palacio Selgas" and absorb some of the riches of the past and gaze at artwork by some of the great masters such as Goya and El Greco. Take a trip back in time to the Jurassic Museum, after all! it is the Jurassic Coast. Get your hiking boots on for a walk through El Valle de las Luiñas. And don't forget to have a guzzle of local cider to go with your tapas.

Catch of the Day

Visit the harbour edge and take a peek at what the fishermen from Cudillero (Pixuetos) have brought in. It's recomended that you go between 2 and 8 in the afternoon. Have a flick through the photos.


This is just one of the nearby walks, about 4 Km from the pension. Have a flick through the fotos to get an idea of some of the splenderous veiws and vegetation you will encounter. The description is below.

Duration of the route: 3 hours there and back. Land level: 115 meters profile of ups and downs.

Description of the route: The walk starts 70 meters at the far side of La playa de Aguilar. At the beginning of the route you will enjoy the beauty of La Playa de Xilo which you can get to following the 49 meters of wooden stairs, but the route continues up in a zigzag penetrating through a wood of Eucalyptus trees. At about 490 meters you'll find the Castro de la Campón and a vantage point where you can enjoy the views of the Cantabric Sea and the beaches of Xilo and Aguilar with blue and green waters over the fine sandy beaches.

The first fountain spring is found at the top of Las Llanas 1250 metres into the walk which has a rest area with the Mirador de los Glayos 150 metes away with views of the Playas de las Llanas and la Cazonera. The open areas are steep from 60 meters to 100 meters and at the top where locals used to dry out El Ocle (Sea Weed) an open area of about 3000 to 5000 meters wide. The Cliffs in this area of Asturias (Central and West) are the highest. After passing two wooden bridges that go over a steep overhang in the forest of Reborio of Eucalyptus, horse chestnut, and bay leaf and many over varieties. At 3040 meters you'll arrive the Mirador de La Atalaya where you can enjoy looking onto the cliffs and rocky coves that have been battered by the sea, where fishing for percebes was common but extremely dangerous. A few meters away there is a plaque with a poem on it by Alfonso Camin "Yo naci en una cumber cercana del cielo donde ruge el valiente mar Cantabrico...". Which translates something like this "I was born in a crevice near the sky beaten by the brave Cantabric Sea...".

After a full and calm rest you'll arrive at a recreation area with a small stream with views of the blanca ermita del Espíritu Santo (4080 meters from the start) neighbouring San Esteban de Pravia and Muros del Nalón. 80 meters north of Mirador del Espíritu Santo where the river Nalón leads out to sea the Harbor of San Esteban, The rocks and the beach of Quebranots can be found with bays, cliffs, the sea can be seen as far as the eye can see. From here you can walk into San Esteban de Pravia, well worth it, and catch the train back to Cudillero, or walk to Muros de Nalon through country lanes for about 3 kilometres and catch the train back to Cudillero, just 2 stops away. Depending on how you finish the walk depends on how you start it of course.

The School teaches all levels, gender and age, families etc... I took my first classes at the school, after 4 days I popped up everytime on the beginners boards after careful instruction, now I find myself stood up on my small board I bought by mistake. La Playa de los Quebratos is a good beach for surfing, however, there are more, Playa Aguilar is closer to Cudillero, not quite so popular, it's smaller and more protected form the waves, but I use it because it's closer, but if I need waves bad I go to Los Quebrantos.

The surf school was featured on the News, during a Womens Surf Camp which they organise.

Rompientenorte is the closest surf school to Cudillero, about 8 Km away, based on 'La Playa de los Quebrantos'
San Juan de la Arena (Asturias)
Tel. 615 464192



Families go surfing

This video focuses on surf courses delivered to whole families by rompientenorte on the 'Playa de los Quebrantos.